Our technicians are professional

And serve a three year apprenticeship honing their skills

TV Room Toys

TV room technology has come a long way! Nowadays, homes and offices need to accommodate things like HD TV screens, DSTV decoders, gaming devices, DVD and audio equipment, Internet, tablets, smart phones, computers, hard drives. Wi-Fi, Nodes and charging devices. Getting everything installed, connected and set-up can be challenging and time-consuming.

Aerial Installationz has years of experience and skilled technicians available to take care of all your needs. Besides installing all the systems, aerials and satellite reception you require, we can position items smartly, hiding wiring, mounting screens and keeping your set-up safe and tidy. We’ll also ensure that you enjoy an optimised viewing experience through the following devices:

  • Blasters
  • HD and AV selectors
  • Extra remote controls
  • Wireless senders
  • Lightning protection
  • Trunking, to neaten your installation
  • TV brackets

Let us take the headache out of technology by getting your TV room at home or at your office optimally set up for convenience, design and viewing pleasure.

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