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Mounting and Brackets

Technology and design of TVs and projection screens are advancing rapidly, making your TV a stylish and essential asset in terms of home entertainment or office communication. Flat screen and plasma TVs are optimally designed to enhance your viewing experience and careful positioning on a wall can enhance this. Aerial Installationz will expertly mount your TV using a quality wall-bracket, positioning your TV securely and in the best possible location in terms of your home or office layout.  Our technicians can install or relocate TVs and monitors, expertly setting up your entire system, enhancing the aesthetics and ensuring the best positioning for optimal viewing experience. Professional installation can boost safety and security, while also providing you with a value-for-money service. We can assist with the following TV mounting systems:

  • Flat or flush TV mounting brackets
  • Swivel brackets, tilt brackets and tilt & swivel brackets
  • Arm mounting brackets
  • Ceiling brackets

Wall-mounted screens provide additional space in your TV room or office and keep screens out of the way, preventing injuries and accidents. Security can also be enhanced, helping to prevent theft of valuable items.  Our skilled technicians will evaluate your unique needs and provide advice on where best to position your TV or monitor. We can also provide cabling, conduits and brackets to carry displays from 12-inch LCD monitors to 63-inch TVs and plasma screens.

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