Over 151,000

Satisfied customers and growing


Aerial Installationz has been operating in Gauteng since 1981. We have well-established systems, skilled technicians and quality workmanship to deliver trusted service. We also use the latest technology to provide customers with the best-available products at affordable prices. Our services are available across Gauteng, with teams able to service Pretoria, Midrand and all parts of Johannesburg on the East Rand, West Rand, in the South and across the Northern suburbs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our central call centre has trained staff to identify your needs, provide meaningful advice and dispatch a team to your site as quickly as possible
  • Skilled technicians are able to install decoders, help you programme remotes and repair aerials, wiring, satellite dishes and a range of other equipment
  • Our apprenticeship and ongoing training programmes ensure that our teams are skilled and proficient
  • We can supply equipment, cabling and hardware
  • Our vehicles are clearly branded and our employees are polite, helpful and respectful of your time
  • Our vehicles are well-equipped with a wide range of ladders, tools and spares, enabling technicians to get the job done onsite
  • Our pricing is transparent and costs are agreed upfront
  • Our work is guaranteed and we seek to establish long-term relationships with satisfied customers
  • We are available most Saturdays, at no extra charge
  • We start work early each morning and, when we say we will come, we do
  • We are ethical, trustworthy and committed to providing excellent service at a fair price


Our Core Business Values

Our business was launched in 1981 and has grown to be a well-known and trusted name in our industry. Our approach has helped us retain over 151 000 customers and be included among the Top 40 DSTV installers nationwide. We value our staff and have a strong commitment to quality training. Our three-year apprenticeship programme for our technicians ensures that they are skilled, qualified, experienced and highly competent.

We seek to be dependable, reliable, flexible and professional. We value our customers and strive to provide them with an exceptional experience at a fair price at all times.

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