DSTV XtraView Decoder And Installation.

Are you tired of missing your favourite shows because someone else is watching television? Get DSTV XtraView installation and forget about fighting over the remote. DSTV dual view installation is available on selected packages and allows you to watch different channels simultaneously for the same subscription fee. By linking two DSTV extra view decoders to your satellite dish, you will have access to your full bouquet on two separate televisions. DSTV XtraView is a flexible, cost-effective solution that allows people with different tastes to watch what they want, when they want.

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Unfortunately, many great television shows are broadcasted at the same time. Mum wants to watch the cooking channel, dad wants to watch sports and children want to watch cartoons. What do you do in this situation? How do you avoid the inevitable sulking by the person who does not get their way? Finally, there is a solution that allows families to live in harmony without arguments about who is watching what. DSTV XtraView is a simple solution that makes everybody happy.

DSTV extra view decoders allow you to watch all your favourite television shows in the comfort of your bed, lounge, recreation room, kitchen or any room in the house where you have an extra television. A Multichoice dual view installation is also ideal for splitting your signal to garden or guest cottages. As Multichoice accredited DSTV installers, we guarantee satisfaction with services that exceed your expectations. We take pride in providing you with DSTV dual view decoders, XtraView installations and DSTV repairs at reasonable prices.

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